Learn Self Defense Techniques Through Taekwondo And Kickboxing Classes

Self DefenseCan you protect yourself or your family when someone attacks you? This is a question that is hard to answer when you have not encountered such situation or if you do not know any self defense techniques. There is no doubt that you will do anything to protect yourself or your family members but without any self defense knowledge, what you do might even result to more harm than good. Learning self defense does not require that you spend months for training. You don’t need to be buff too to protect yourself. Knowing some practical self defense tips and strategies will save your life or others. If you want to learn self defense, you can enroll in self defense classes or just follow the following tips:

Self Defense Techniques Inspired By Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a famous martial art form that originally came from Korea. Now, it is widely practiced around the world. It is even included as one of the events in the Olympics. Taekwondo is characterized by powerful kicks and constant movements. This kind of martial art requires an improved speed, precise hand attacks and powerful kick on the right targets. Below are some self defense techniques inspired by the Korean martial art, Taekwondo:

• When approached by an attacker, make sure to keep your distance. Remember to not show how nervous you are. You may face burglars, muggers or even rapists. Estimate a good distance which will make you land your kick quite well. Remember that the spots to hit are the throat (if you can reach it), groin and the legs. Eyes and nose are critical spots too that you can claw at. Hitting these areas might be your only chance of escaping. Kick real hard. Do not hesitate especially when your attacker does not have any reservations to hurt you. It’s either you hurt them or you will get hurt.

• If an attacker approaches from the back, it is next to impossible to kick him. The best thing to do is to use your arms. The elbow is a powerful and strong body part that you can use to defend yourself. The Elbow Strike or in Korean, palgup chigi is a simple technique that you can easily master. It will help you get away from an attacker who is subduing you from the back. Fold your forearm inward and strike your elbow real hard toward your attacker’s side, stomach or ribs. If the attack came as a surprise, the attacker will have a moment to reel from the impact especially if you landed a good strike which will give you a chance to escape.

• The eyes are good areas to target. When you strike an attacker on the eyes, he will temporarily lose vision which is your chance to get out of his control and run. You can make use of Scissor Finger. Close your hand in a fist and extend your index and middle finger forward making a scissors “V”. Drive your fingers toward your attacker’s eyes.

Self Defense Techniques Inspired By Kickboxing

Kickboxing is another combat form that is said to originate from a combination of Muay Thai and Karate. It is not only effective for self defense but also for general fitness. Kickboxing is characterized by techniques such as punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes as well as defense. Below are some of the best self defense techniques inspired by Kickboxing that you should also learn:

• If you are in close contact with your attacker and you think that you can overpower him except he has a weapon, you can make use of kickboxing’s punching techniques. Give him an uppercut especially when he is a little bit taller than you. Strike a fist upwards making contact with his chin. If you have given the punch a good force, your attacker will be temporarily overpowered. Grab this chance to disarm him. Under such circumstances, your chances are equal.

• If you want to create more distance between you and your attacker, you can deliver a front kick which will either strike your attacker’s face or chest with the heel of your feet.

• When fighting an attacker, you must not only deliver offensive attacks, you should also think of defensive techniques. One is a simple Parry/Block technique which involves your hands and arms. Parrying or blocking is done by sharply stretching your arms forward delivering your hands on your attacker’s wrist or arm to redirect it. This will come handy when an attacker has a weapon life a knife.

Self Defense Products And Weapons That You Can Use

Aside from learning a few self defense techniques, it will also help when you know various self defense products and self defense weapons as well as how to use them. You can keep these product in your purse (especially for girls) so you can have leverage over your male attackers. The following are common self defense weapons and products that you can use:

• Pepper Spray – A pepper spray is a very common self defense item that is perfectly handy. A pepper spray contains a chemical compound that irritates the eyes making them teary and red. A pepper spray can cause temporary blindness thus is a great self defense item. Spray it on your attacker’s face (target the eyes) to temporarily blind him and run for escape.

• Stun Gun – A stun gun is another self defense weapon that delivers high electric shock that will incapacitate a human or a beast. While it is an effective self defense method, it can also be easily used by the wrong people thus there are some states that prohibit stun guns. In some states, they are only allowed at homes and not to be carried in your person.

• Swiss Knife – Aside from the other purposes a Swiss knife can serve, it is also an effective self defense weapon. No matter how small, it is still a knife. You may not be able to use it against your attacker but it can easily help you get out of binds or even a locked room.

A Few More Self Defense Tips

• When attacked in your house, head straight to the kitchen. Why? This is where you usually store your knives and cutlery which are perfect weapons to protect yourself.

• When threatened or attacked, get noticed. The best thing to do is to shout or get someone’s attention to help you. When attacked in deserted places, run!

• If you have long hair, let it down whenever you get the chance to do so. Buns, ponytails or braids can easily be grabbed.

• Bags and umbrellas can be used as self defense tools too.

• Always trust your instincts. If you think someone is following you or if you have a bad feeling about a stranger, create distance. It is better to be paranoid than hurt.